Blogtober Day 3: Bookish Autumn Bucket List

1. Read a book with Autumn leaves on the cover.

2. In honor of Latinx heritage read a book by a Latinx author.

3. Read a book off of the “Super Rooster” list.

Every year The Morning News hosts the Tournament of Books between a few of the most inventive and thought provoking literary works from that year. Just think of it as March Madness for books with the winner taking home the coveted “Rooster” award.

This year there will be enough previous winners to hold a “Super Rooster” tournament where the “Best of the Best” face off in a bookish battle royale.

4. The Man Booker award will be presented this month. Read a book off of the shortlist.

5. Visit an independent book store.

6. Cuddle up with your boo while watching a book adaptation.

7. To celebrate Halloween read a book that features either witches, demons, vampires or ghosts.

8. Listen to an audiobook from Amazon Original Stories Disorder collection.

About the Collection

“Something disturbing is going on here. From small-town witch hunts to mass incarceration to exploitations of the flesh, this chilling collection of twisted short stories imagines the horrors of a modern world not unlike our own. What have we done?”

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