Blogtober Day 5: Disney Villains

Most of us grew up on Disney movies. For as much as we rooted for the little guy to have his day or the princess to be rescued by her knight in shining armor, some part of us was cheering the antics of the villain. Let’s be honest here, they create the drama. Bad guys keep things exciting. So here goes my list of the 5 top Disney villains:

#5 – Scar from The Lion King

This deposed brother just couldn’t let bygones be bygones. His seething jealousy leads him to murder, deceit and betrayal.

#4 – Dr. Facilier the “Shadow Man” from The Princess and the Frog

This “Doc” is not above using voodoo to gain power and riches. When it comes to getting what he wants, he doesn’t care whose life or soul is at stake.

#3 – Ursula from The Little Mermaid

In order to gain dominion over Atlantis she tricks Princess Ariel into trading her voice for human legs.

#2 – Cruella DeVil from 101 Dalmations

Notorious heiress who kidnaps and skins puppies in order to fashion her fur coats.

#1 – Malificient

With hardened heart, this vengeful fairy seeks retribution from an entire kingdom.

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