November Wrap Up

In November I read 20 books:

  • 6 Nonfiction
  • 4 Historical Fiction
  • 1 Western
  • 2 Fantasies
  • 3 Mysteries
  • 4 Contemporary Novels

Nonfiction November

All of these titles were previously featured on my blog. Click the links below for my reviews:

#6 – A Promised Land

I finished this volume on Black Friday and have not had the chance to post a review. I read both the hard copy and listened to portions of the audiobook with my husband. (He is fast becoming a reading buddy unbeknownst to him.) ;D Besides learning about world politics, I appreciated hearing Obama’s view of the events that occurred in the White House during his first term. But the moments that I enjoyed best were those where he talks about “his girls’. He is an adoring father and absolutely reveres his wife. I found these family moments touching and felt they helped me relate to him more as a person. I would definitely recommend this book. It works well in either format.

Spell the Month in Books Results

I was not able to complete this challenge but read 4 out of the 8 books.

52 weeks of Women of Color

During November I continued with this challenge. I read an additional 10 books bringing my count to 87 books.

5 Star Reads

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